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January 22, 2005
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Let the Music Play On by RainChilD18 Let the Music Play On by RainChilD18

*artist's note- this is kind of a homage to my group; this picture represents us as awhole in a way. They know who they are, 'nuff said. Let the music play on inside your head.

"I think music is the greatest invention mankind has ever had. Music is the closest we can ever come to truly pulling emotion and imagination into a form tangible enough to even feel it running through our veins”
“What song is that?”
The man had plucked his guitar again before answering and paused as though he was letting the still vibration shudder him, “Beethoven’s Sonata no.23, ‘Aficionado”
“You’re playing that on a guitar? Isn’t that kind of unconventional?”
“I guess to some degree if you want to live by society’s standard. But I find the piano to be a bit prosaic truthfully. Guitar seems very human to mean, something that’s wholly tangible. In my opinion had Beethoven had a guitar at hand he would have written many songs with it himself”
He struck the cord once more and as that single cord rested in suspended vibration he suddenly shot the base with his and began imbibing himself into the song as his hands hit the cords between every half breath he took and without needing any words said it was finished and everything was suspended in the echoing air that reverberated with the beautiful sound that dully faded by degrees; the sound was taken from our ears and the breath snatched from our lungs. You can truly taste the splintering warmth in the air and between two short breaths you can even feel his damp intoxication in between.
Keogh grinned, “Incredible”
“And of course” He said picking up his conversation where he left off, “you don’t live by society’s standards do you?”
He grinned again and sank back into the wall “…Not a day of my life”
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